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Sustainable Energy

Civilization without nuclear power is possible. Wind, solar, bioenergy, and other sustainable sources of energy – coupled with energy efficiency and conservation – can meet our electricity needs. They are less expensive, clean, and readily available.


More than 60 California anti-nuclear groups formed a coalition to shut down both the Diablo Canyon and San Onofre nuclear plants following the MUSE concert in Mountain View.
July 2011: Mothers for Peace member traveled to Washington, D.C. to deliver petitions to encourage sustainable energy
Mothers for Peace representative Maria Kindel and her daughter, Sierra, met with Congresswoman Lois Capps in Washington, D.C. to deliver 8,000 signatures on petitions urging President Obama to stop supporting nuclear energy and become an advocate for sustainable energy.
2011 Renewable Energy Production Surpasses Nuclear
As reported by and according to Monthly Energy Review, renewable energy production in the United States has surpassed nuclear energy production.
2009 Integrated Energy Policy Report from California Energy Commission
The 2009 Integrated Energy Policy Report was prepared in response to Senate Bill 1389.
SLO - Renewable Energy Secure Community
The SLO-RESCO project seeks to develop a "big picture" for moving San Luis Obispo communities to more sustainable energy systems.
2011 Energy Solutions
Union of Concerned Scientists advance science-based solutions to curb global warming and generate clean and renewable energy.

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