2012 Update on Opposition to License Renewal

In terms of safety and security, it is not in the public interest to add an additional 20 years to the operating life of the two reactors at Diablo Canyon.

February, 2012


The San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace (SLOMFP) opposes PG&E’s application for 20 year operating license extensions for Diablo Canyon units 1 and 2. The current operating licenses are in effect until 2024 and 2025, and PG&E is asking permission to extend operations until 2044 and 2045.


Some of the reasons for MFP opposition reiterate the arguments SLOMFP presented  in opposing  the original operating licenses between the years 1973 and 1985. Others reflect more recent developments.


  • It is contrary to NRC regulations to license a nuclear facility next to an active, major earthquake fault. Yet the NRC “grandfathered” the license for Diablo, buying into PG&E’s excuse that it was unaware of the Hosgri Fault when it first invested billions of ratepayer dollars to build the plant, beginning in the late 1960’s. The Hosgri Fault comes within 3.5 miles of the plant.
  • The Shoreline Fault, less than one mile offshore of the Diablo site, has not yet been thoroughly studied, but it clearly exacerbates an already precarious situation.
  • The Diablo Canyon facility includes two nuclear reactors and the storage of all the high-level radioactive wastes generated by those reactors since 1984. Currently, most of the used fuel (which is more radioactive than the fuel in the reactors) is stored in over-crowded pools. A small portion has been transferred to a few of the dry casks
  • This plant is out-dated and over-priced by any measure. Designed in the 1960’s, it has needed constant updating and replacement of defective or worn-out parts.
  • All nuclear facilities are categorized as targets of terrorists by the NRC, Homeland Security, and other federal agencies.
  • Recent NRC Inspection Reports on Diablo (November, 2011) indicate that PG&E is not meeting industry standards in its identification and resolutions of problems at Diablo.




In terms of safety and security it is not in the public interest to add an additional 20 years to the operating life of the two reactors at Diablo Canyon. The only advantage would be to the corporate profits of PG&E. SLOMFP advocates that PG&E instead apply its considerable resources toward establishing itself as a leader in the development of renewable sources of energy.


For detailed information, go to http://mothersforpeace.org/collections/license-renewal. Questions may be addressed to SLOMFP spokesperson Jane Swanson at janeslo@me.com


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