2017 - 09 - 14 Statement of Sherry Lewis to CPUC in San Luis Obispo

Sherry Lewis, Board member of San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace, delivered this statement and argument for early closure of the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant at the CPUC public meeting in San Luis Obispo on September 14, 2017.

I would like to emphasize that we locals have benefitted in many ways from having this energy company here. PG&E does seem to be good to its employees and it does offer many benefits in taxes, supports businesses, and volunteers, in this area.

I am with San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace, however, and we feel forced to focus on the dangers of nuclear power.  In the first place, if nothing bad happens here (like an accident), then that’s great.  But in the second place, something bad will remain here for decades, centuries, and maybe even millennia---the highly radioactive nuclear waste.

People who don’t live in this area get the benefit of the electricity, but they don’t bear the burden of the risk of a nuclear accident or especially bear the real burden of the nuclear waste. 

I like the Joint Proposal.  But, please, if you help close Diablo earlier than 2024/2025 then there will be much less waste for us locals to have to be aware of, be on top of, and make sure remains safe.  Please try to get the plant closed quite a bit earlier than 2024.