Radioactive Waste

Holtec cask

High level radioactive waste is stored at Diablo Canyon in pools and in dry casks.  Mothers for Peace is currently in litigation regarding the dry cask storage facility and the potential impact of terrorism on the surrounding environment. (Also see 'security and terrorism.')

2010 Newsletter

San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace pursues Ninth Circuit Court Appeal and opposition to Diablo Canyon License Renewal.

2002 Newsletter

Mothers for Peace opposes PG&E's plan to expand the radioactive waste storage capability at Diablo Canyon.

2009 February Newsletter

Mothers for Peace celebrates 40 years of working for peace, social justice, and a safe global environment.

2004 December Newsletter

Mothers for Peace ACTION COMMITTEE spearheads legislation to place a limit on the amount of nuclear waste that can be stored onsite.

2004 September Newsletter

Four legal cases pending: District of Columbia Court of Appeals, California Public Utilities Commission, California Coastal Commission, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals


San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace is a non-profit organization concerned with the dangers posed by Diablo Canyon and other nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons, and radioactive waste. Additionally, the organization works to promote peace, environmental and social justice, and renewable energy.

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