Press Release by Union of Concerned Scientists: Extract: NRC Must Increase Oversight and Enforcement to Deal with Nuclear Reactor Aging WASHINGTON, May 18 — The Union of Concerned Scientists today released a report showing that the country's 103 aging commercial nuclear reactors are entering the most dangerous phase of their life cycle. The report, “U.S. Nuclear Plants in the 21st Century: The Risk of a Lifetime,” analyzes the unprecedented risks of reactors entering the wear-out phase and demonstrates that the combination of aging reactors and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) indifferent approach to safety enforcement will seriously jeopardize public health for years to come. ...

2001-02-01 NUREG 1738 (PDF)

NRC document NUREG-1738 "Technical Study of Spent Fuel Pool Accident Risk at Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants"

2004-01-28 NRC Safety Culture Letter to PSEG

NRC Directs PSEG to Take Swift Measures to Improve Safety Culture at the Salem and Hope Creek Nuclear Plants. Compelling evidence of worker harassment and indifference to safety issues provoke NRC to take unprecedented step.

2003-08-19 SLO Board of Supervisors Resolution

The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted to approve a resolution to the NRC asking that they resolve security concerns before considering the relicensing of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant.

Map Science Report for Los Angeles (pdf)

For people who live along the Department of Energy’s proposed nuclear waste transport route in Los Angeles, the question is: What if there is a nuclear waste accident in Los Angeles that involves the release of radiation? The maps presented here by Environmental Working Group are the first attempt to provide the public with answers to this question.

2004-05-17 Supplemental Protest (pdf)

Supplemental Protest Of San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace, Sierra Club, Public Citizen, and Greenpeace in the Application of Pacific Gas and Electric Company to Replace the Steam Generators in Units 1 and 2 of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant

2007-05-06 Nuclear Energy is Not a Panacea (pdf)

Without doubt, climate change is the most urgent threat of our time. However, careful examination will show that nuclear power is not the way to reduce greenhouse gasses or to provide reliable energy for the future of California.

Thompson Interview Transcript, 2002

Transcript of interview with Dr. Gordon Thompson, a physicist, engineer, and expert in the field of safety and environmental issues related to nuclear facilities including terrorism follows:

2003-08-18 MFP Petition for Review

The San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace, along with the other community intervenors, have filed a Petition for Review asking the NRC to review two decisions of the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board.

2002-01-25 Chernobyl Report

This Report contains the findings of a study commissioned by agencies of the United Nations to obtain up-to-date and credible information on the current conditions in which people affected by the Chernobyl accident are living fifteen years after the explosion, and to make recommendations as to how their needs can best be addressed in the light of this information.

Chernobyl Fallout Map

These pictures were achieved by carefully copying the Chernobyl fallout patterns, available from several websites, onto a map of California. Those fallout patterns are correctly scaled. The confiscated, closed zones extend 160 miles away from the Chernobyl plant. That is almost the distance that downtown LA lies downwind from Diablo. I rotated the Chernobyl fallout patterns around so that the worst fallout fell towards the direction of LA. This is reasonable since any bad guys would wait for favorable wind conditions so damage was maximized. Further justification may be found in Diablo's public document repository (Cal Poly Library) which states that the wind flows towards LA 34% of the time. In a Chernobyl-level incident, 5 or 20 mile exclusion zones are woefully inadequate. However, the controversy is whether a Chernobyl-level incident could ever happen in California.