2003 MFP Selected Accomplishments

A summary of the recent accomplishments of the San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace follows below:

Federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

* Filed Petition to Intervene with 11 organizations and Supervisor Pinard in PG&E’s application to expand storage of high-level radioactive waste using dry casks at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant.

Issues addressed included:

* transportation of nuclear waste

* seismic adequacy of proposed nuclear storage site

* likelihood of license renewal allowing operation until 2045 (currently 2025)

* vulnerability and security of proposed cask site

* PG&E’s financial ability to safely construct, operate and secure the site This petition was denied.

* After denial received support from Senator Feinstein for full hearings before a license for the proposed nuclear waste storage facility is granted.

* After denial received letter of support from Attorney General Lockyer stating that the NRC erred in denying full hearings on all issues.

* Filed Petition requesting full NRC Commission hearings addressing security policies post 9/11/01. This petition was denied.

* Filed Freedom of Information Act petition with Union of Concerned Scientists and Public Citizen regarding the NRC’s new policy on terrorism at nuclear plants. This petition is still pending.

* Presented comments to the NRC regarding proposed generic environmental impacts for license renewals. Senator Feinstein’s staff addressed nuclear transportation.

* Filed comments to the NRC regarding NRC public process shortfalls.

* Appealed NRC’S licensing board decision denying full hearings on all issues (above). The appeal was filed on 8/17/03.

* Helped to organize a coalition of reactor communities across U.S. to address terrorist issues State & Local

* Filed comments on the San Luis Obispo County permit Environmental Impact Report (EIR) process regarding the PG&E’s proposed nuclear waste facility. The draft EIR was be released on 9/22/03. Many of our concerns have been addressed in the draft EIR.

* Continual updates are provided to all California oversight agencies and politicians.

* Filed to reorganize the Diablo Canyon “Independent” Safety Committee.

Recommendations include:

* relocation of the office from Monterey to San Luis Obispo County

* removal of PG&E from the nomination process for committee members

* appointment of a local, qualified citizen to the Safety Committee

* provision for video recording of Safety Committee meetings for public access television

* Provided cross examination in PG&E’s General Rate Case regarding costs of aging components.

* Provided comments to the Regional Water Quality Control Board which helped lead to its decision to deny settlement with PG&E for thermal degradation of coastal waters.

* Presented resolution, revised and passed, by the San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisors addressing premature license renewals for nuclear plants until updated policies are adopted by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to resolve terrorism, sabotage and acts of malice at Diablo.