December 18, 2013 NRC Meeting on 'current operating performance'

THE NEXT NRC MEETING IN SAN LUIS OBISPO will be on: December 18 6:30pm Embassy Suites Hotel at 333 Madonna Road The subject of this meeting is the current operating performance of the Diablo nuclear plant.
The NRC will tell us that this meeting has no relationship with the Waste Confidence Rule, but we are quite free to point out to them that there is 29 years' worth of radioactive waste sitting in our back yard, most of it in unprotected and overcrowded pools. 

This is also an opportunity to inform PG&E as well as the NRC that they can drop the deceptive terms of "spent" fuel and "used" fuel.  When the fuel assemblies are removed from the core (and mind you, there are about 200 fuel rods in each assembly) they are much hotter, thermally and radioactively, than when they went into the reactor. The toxic elements in this waste do not exist in nature; they are created only by the fission that takes place in reactors and nuclear weapons testing. The NRC and PG&E can drop their false reassurances that compare high level manmade waste to background radiation.

Many of you will be busy preparing for family gatherings at this time of year, but if you can fit in attendance at this meeting it will continue to put pressure on PG&E and the NRC. The 230 ( or more) MFP supporters who attended the Waste Confidence meeting Nov. 20 let them know in no uncertain terms that DIABLO MUST SHUT DOWN SOON. Help us keep up the pressure! Thank you for your decades of support!!

Read the NRC's annual assessment letter for Diablo Canyon at this link: