2016 - 03 - 14 Mothers for Peace endorses two applicants to serve on DCISC

The Public Utilities Commission will appoint a member to serve on the Diablo Canyon Independent Safety Committee. There are five applicants, included the incumbent, Robert Budnitz, who could be reappointed. Mothers for Peace has endorsed two of five applicants - Dr. Michael Peck and Judge Alex Karlin


March 14, 2016

TO:         David Zizmor

               Energy Division, California Public Utilities Commission

               505 Van Ness Avenue

               San Francisco, CA 94102


FROM:  Linda Seeley, Spokesperson
              San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace

              P.O. Box 3608
              San Luis Obispo, CA 93403 lindaseeley@gmail.com

RE:       Comments on candidates for DCISC membership

San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace (SLOMFP) appreciates the opportunity to submit comments on the candidates for appointment to the Diablo Canyon Independent Safety Committee (DCISC). As a longtime watchdog over the safety of Diablo Canyon, including decades of intervention in U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) licensing proceedings, SLOMFP has a great interest in the membership of the Committee. Our record of involvement in issues related to safety and environmental protection at the plant, dating back to 1973, is available at https://mothersforpeace.org/

SLOMFP would have confidence in the knowledge base and the independence of two of the applicants: Judge Alex Karlin and Dr. Michael Peck.

Judge Karlin would bring to the committee a remarkable combination of experience in both legal and technical matters. His areas of knowledge reflecting his work at the EPA as well as his service as a judge within the NRC would complement and enhance the areas of expertise of Committee members Peterson and Lam. Judge Karlin recently relocated to San Luis Obispo, and therefore his service would bring local interest into the Committee.

Dr. Peck’s expertise in virtually all technical aspects of nuclear plant operation and safety regulation, and his five years' experience as the Chief Resident Inspector at Diablo Canyon, would make him a highly qualified candidate for this vacancy. His appointment would serve to counter the widely held impression among the public that the DCISC’s membership is weighted in favor of the nuclear industry.

It is our considered opinion that there should be regular changes in personnel serving on the Independent Safety Committee. And while the incumbent is certainly knowledgeable and dedicated, it would increase public confidence in the work of the Committee to bring in a fresh perspective.