2016 - 05 - 02 Carbon Fee and Dividend

San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace supports the movement to pressure Congress to pass legislation to establish a carbon fee and dividend. Such legislation would address climate change in a meaningful way.It would support sustainable energy and environmental concerns.


Resolution of San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace re: Carbon Fee and Dividend

WHEREAS - The costs of climate change—including destabilized weather patterns, rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and other serious impacts - now pose a substantial threat to the health, prosperity, and security of Americans. The costs are real, they are growing, and they are already burdening businesses, taxpayers, municipal budgets, and families. Our economy, infrastructure, public safety, and health are directly at risk.

THEREFORE - We urge Congress to support Carbon Fee & Dividend as a key element in reducing the risks of climate change. Carbon Fee & Dividend will significantly reduce carbon emissions, create jobs, grow the economy, save lives, and protect households from higher energy prices.

Carbon Fee & Dividend will place a fee on fossil fuels at the source (at the well, mine, or port of entry), beginning at $15/metric ton CO2 equivalent emissions, and steadily increase annually at $10/metric ton. All revenues are returned to American households on a per-capita basis as a monthly dividend. Finally, a border adjustment assesses a fee or rebate on goods traded with countries without a comparable carbon price.

Enacting such a policy will:

  •  Send a clear price signal to entrepreneurs and existing businesses to invest in a clean-energy economy that would rely on truly sustainable resources, conservation and energy efficiency.

  •  Discourage nuclear generation because of the carbon-intensive processes of mining uranium, enriching the fuel, and using large amounts of concrete to build plants.

  •  Protect lower and middle-income households, as two-thirds of families will break even or receive more in dividends than they would pay for in higher living expenses

  •  Create jobs, as the dividend puts money back into local economies

  •  Discourage domestic businesses from relocating where they can emit more CO2 and encourage other nations to adopt an equivalent price on carbon.