Environmental Concerns

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Mothers for Peace is concerned about the contamination of the land, air, and marine environments due to routine operation and in the event of a catastrophic accident at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant.




2011 Energy Solutions

Union of Concerned Scientists advance science-based solutions to curb global warming and generate clean and renewable energy.

2011-3-25 IEER report on radioactive iodine releases from Fukushima Daiichi reactors

RADIOACTIVE IODINE RELEASES FROM JAPAN’S FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI REACTORS MAY EXCEED THOSE OF THREE MILE ISLAND BY OVER 100,000 TIMES Institute Calls for More Intensive Contingency Planning by Japanese Authorities; U.S. Should Move as Much Spent Fuel as Possible to Dry Storage to Reduce Most Severe Risks and Suspend Licensing and Relicensing during Review

2010 Newsletter

San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace pursues Ninth Circuit Court Appeal and opposition to Diablo Canyon License Renewal.

2002 Newsletter

Mothers for Peace opposes PG&E's plan to expand the radioactive waste storage capability at Diablo Canyon.