Radioactive Waste

Holtec cask

High level radioactive waste is stored at Diablo Canyon in pools and in dry casks.  Mothers for Peace is currently in litigation regarding the dry cask storage facility and the potential impact of terrorism on the surrounding environment. (Also see 'security and terrorism.')

2013-09-24 Study on Vulnerability of Dry Casks to Terrorist Attack

The vulnerability of dry casks to terrorist attacks has been extensively studied. As the NRC proposes to update its so-called "Waste Confidence Act" and the Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement, it must recognize that, although dry casks are much less dangerous than spent fuel pools, the casks also need to be protected against potential terrorist attacks.

2013 Viewpoint: Diablo's Safety is Key Concern

In response to an opinion piece in The Tribune on July 14, 2013, Mothers for Peace spokesperson Jane Swanson rebutted the argument that local economics makes the operation of Diablo Canyon nuclear reactors imperative and relicensing thus essential. Mothers for Peace argues that SAFETY is the key concern.

June 8, 2012 Waste Confidence Rule rejected by U.S. Court of Appeals

In a landmark decision on June 8, 2012, the U.S. Court of Appeals rejected the Waste Confidence Rule. This was followed by a petiton by 22 groups and 2 individuals to require the NRC to implement this decision before final licensing decisions are made. This includes Mothers for Peace and the relicensing decision regarding Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant.

"Improving Spent-Fuel Storage at Nuclear Reactors"

Read this article by Robert Alvarez in Issues in Science and Technology. "Storing spent radioactive fuel in dry form rather than in increasingly jammed cooling pools is much safer, and can be done with already available funds.