Union of Concerned Scientists endorses Mothers for Peace

David Lochbaum has been supportive of SLOMFP for many years, and continues to consult with MFP attorney Diane Curran in 2014.


David Lochbaum
Union of Concerned Scientists
1825 K Street NW, Suite 800
Washington, D.C. 20006-1232
July 10, 2008
Jane Swanson
Mothers For Peace
P.O. Box 3608
San Luis Obispo, CA 93403
Dear Jane:
Thanks again for making time to visit our offices during your trip to Washington for the
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) hearing on the proposed spent fuel storage plan for
Diablo Canyon. It was a pleasure meeting you and discussing common issues. I have worked
with the Mothers For Peace many times and look forward to working with your organization
again in the future.
I am fortunate to work with several groups like Mothers For Peace around the country. What
impresses me third-most about Mothers For Peace is the organization’s skill at obtaining the
specialized help needed to take on specific campaigns. Mothers For Peace is extraordinarily
adept at evaluating issues and identifying the person or team necessary to pursue their
resolution. As opposed to a “one size fits all” approach, this tactic puts the best team on the
field every time.
What impresses me second-most about Mothers For Peace is the organization’s results. I
know all too well that it is not an easy matter to intervene in a legal proceeding before the
NRC. The process stacks the deck mightily against the intervener, yet Mothers For Peace
prevails often despite the long odds. Successful outcomes are likely a byproduct of the
organization’s skill at putting together strong teams that make the most of constrained
From my contacts within NRC, I am also aware that the agency recognizes the valuable role
of the Mothers For Peace. For example, the NRC invites very few people outside of the
industry and the government to make presentations at its annual Regulatory Information
Conferences, yet has invited Morgan Rafferty of Mothers For Peace to speak on security
issues twice. Further evidence appears today on the NRC’s own homepage in the photograph
of Diane Curran, counsel for Mothers For Peace, providing oral arguments before the
Commission. Prior photographs on the NRC homepage featured the Chairman’s visit to
various plant sites and companies submitting applications to build new reactors. This was the
first photograph featuring a public interest group.
What impresses me most about Mothers For Peace is knowing the organization achieves
wonderful outcomes with a dedicated core of volunteers. While the experts retained by
Mothers For Peace are often paid for their work, the tasks of monitoring activities at Diablo
Canyon, determining when activities represent opportunities, and raising funds to pursue
those opportunities are performed by volunteers unselfishly devoting long hours for the
benefit of their communities. Their all-too-often unsung efforts are the reason that I will, if at
all possible, try to lend assistance whenever Mothers For Peace seeks my help.
Mothers For Peace makes a tangible difference. Or differences, because Mothers For Peace
has a long list of accomplishments that shows no signs of being complete – yet.
David Lochbaum
Director, Nuclear Safety Project