Chernobyl Fallout Map

These pictures were achieved by carefully copying the Chernobyl fallout patterns, available from several websites, onto a map of California. Those fallout patterns are correctly scaled. The confiscated, closed zones extend 160 miles away from the Chernobyl plant. That is almost the distance that downtown LA lies downwind from Diablo. I rotated the Chernobyl fallout patterns around so that the worst fallout fell towards the direction of LA. This is reasonable since any bad guys would wait for favorable wind conditions so damage was maximized. Further justification may be found in Diablo's public document repository (Cal Poly Library) which states that the wind flows towards LA 34% of the time. In a Chernobyl-level incident, 5 or 20 mile exclusion zones are woefully inadequate. However, the controversy is whether a Chernobyl-level incident could ever happen in California.

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