The list below includes suggestions for topics you might want to speak to. If you are unable to be physically present at the meeting, you can submit comments electronically at We suggest your subject line be DIABLO CANYON ANNUAL ASSESSMENT COMMENT

(1.) If there were an EARTHQUAKE that caused radiation to leak from Diablo, and people were supposed to evacuate, there is NO EVACUATION route!! If the earthquake were so bad that it caused Diablo to release radiation, it would also cause freeway bridges to break, making Hwy 101 impassible. Where would people go? How about the people who are leaving home with an empty gas tank and end up blocking the freeway? How about the school children stranded at school? How about the thousands of tourists who don't know that they're near a nuclear power plant? How about the 30,000 students who live in SLO and many don't have cars? How about the ill, the incarcerated, the incapacitated? What happens to them?

(2.) Diablo Canyon uses over 3.5 BILLION GALLONS OF SEA WATER PER DAY to keep the plant cool and to prevent a meltdown. Every single bit of sea life in that water is killed before it leaves the plant to go back into the ocean, 18 degrees warmer than it was when it entered the system. Our fisheries are already at risk. 80% of the destruction of embryonic sea life on the West Coast is caused by Diablo Canyon. On an Earth that's in trouble, this massacre of irreplaceable sea life is just not acceptable.

(3.) There is no solution in sight to what will happen to the 2,000+ metric tons of HIGHLY RADIOACTIVE NUCLEAR WASTE that are being stored at Diablo Canyon. 500 pounds is made every day. There's nowhere to put it!! Why would the NRC allow nuclear plants to make more of the stuff if they know that it's going to sit right where it is, till who-knows-when? If the NRC were truly "protecting" the public, they would order the suspension of operations at all nuclear plants till there is a solution for the waste!

(4.) NRC regulations specifically state that it is forbidden to build a nuclear facility on earthquake faults. Why do they allow Diablo Canyon to go on operating even though they know it is built on at least 13 EARTHQUAKE FAULTS?

(5.) The NRC is responsible to protect human health and safety. Why have they never done a HEALTH STUDY on a nuclear plant? Now that the World Business Academy in Santa Barbara has published a health study that shows an increase in melanoma, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, and childhood leukemia near and around Diablo Canyon, why doesn't the NRC order PG&E to pay for another (independent) health study to compare with the one that was recently published?

(6.) CLIMATE CHANGE is affecting us sooner and more severely than we could ever have imagined. Nuclear plants are storing the most toxic substance known in the history of mankind right next to large bodies of water that are rising precipitously. The intake and outflow water pipes, located at sea level at Diablo, keep the plant from melting down. They are going to be affected by sea level rise. Why doesn't the NRC order pre-emptive security measures to secure the nuclear waste and keep the reactor core cool when the sea rise prevents the cooling system from working any longer?