2001 PG&E Bankruptcy

PG&E is in the midst of a bankruptcy proceeding.

PG&E filed for "bankruptcy":/data/20020718GroupPetitionISFSIContentions#a_bankruptcy in April, 2001. The company is still in the midst of a highly contested bankruptcy proceeding. The company claims that since it is a regulated utility its financial qualification is assured, yet the plan PG&E has proposed in the bankruptcy proceeding would transfer Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant to a nonregulated utility. PG&E is also the target of a multi-billion dollar litigation for fraud by the California Attorney General. The NRC has yet to address the the safety implications of the ongoing bankruptcy of a license applicant seeking to build onsite storage capacity for high level radioactive waste. Most recently, the Mothers for Peace filed this "rebuttal testimony":/data/2003-09-08MFPRebuttalTestimony/document_view in the bankruptcy plan of reorganization before the California Public Utilities Commission.