County Permit Process

The San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace has made a series of recommendations to the County of San Luis Obispo for PG&E's proposed High Level Radioactive Waste Site.

The SLOMFP asserts that:

* The NRC must hire independent experts that are able to verify that casks are designed, built, and tested to design basis criteria that will meet a 911 style terrorist attack before issuing a Certificate of Compliance.

* Only the safest casks should be approved, but not loaded with HLRW, until all seismic issues-both site and cask-have been addressed and independently reviewed by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and the NRC.

* All communities through which HLRW will be transported must be alerted in planning stages, that they are to be a proposed transport route and notified each time a shipment is to be sent. NRC public hearings must be held in their communities.

* No transportation should be allowed without limitation or phase out of the production of the HLRW at Diablo Canyon-waste that remains deadly for tens of thousands of years. The SLOMFP will also recommend that the following be included in the proposed EIR:

* Health effects of possible offsite radioactive exposure

* All costs of siting, constructing, storing (in safest casks technically available)

* Are existing roads able to handle the weight of transporting casks, will existing trains and tracks be able to be used for transport, how can barges assure safety of casks that can only withstand pressure in 8’ of water?

* A risk/benefit analysis study be done regarding the health, safety and economic impacts (real costs) of continued production of HLRW vs. phasing out this radioactive waste producing energy source

* Readiness and costs for updated training for all emergency personnel in 50-mile evacuation zone and along the entire transportation route and proposed permanent storage sites.

* Who will be responsible for costs and determine methods of informing the public of all potential radiological consequences, including radioactive dose levels and dose distribution, that would result from massive releases or dispersal of radioactive material…This knowledge is indispensable to SLO residents rightful participation in developing radiological emergency response preparedness and public policy on safeguards and energy choices.

* SLO County must require a written contract-without any possibility for exceptions-that PG&E’s proposed HLRW dry cask storage is certified to meet design basis criteria for a 911 terrorist event. Especially as Diablo Canyon can is easily accessible to ocean attack making it an attractive target. SLOMFP recommends that SLO County call for meetings with PG&E, the NRC, and all other governmental oversight organizations to phase out the production of radioactive waste, until such time that a workable safe solution is in place to store deadly HLRW. This waste will remain deadly for the 10’s of thousands of years. San Luis Obispo cannot afford to store radioactive waste on site or transport waste it back and forth to current proposed (but scientifically unacceptable) waste sites.