2005-01-14 PBS NOW to spotlight SLO: Security at Nation's Nuclear Power Plants

PBS NOW interviews the Mothers for Peace and highlights their opposition to nuclear power.

On January 14, the PBS program NOW will examine the nationwide need to increase security at nuclear facilities post-9/11. AMONG THOSE WITH THE MOST TO LOSE IF SECURITY IS NOT IMPROVED ARE the citizens of the small county of San Luis Obispo. ACCORDINGLY, THE SAN LUIS OBISPO MOTHERS FOR PEACE, A LOCAL ORGANIZATION CONCERNED WITH THE ADVERSE EFFECTS OF NUCLEAR POWER SINCE 1971, has taken the lead in that struggle via several important legal proceedings.

Show producer and host David Brancaccio recently spent a day with members of the San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace - learning about the group's LEGAL actions to force the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to address BETTER PROTECTION OF THE COMMUNITY before expanding a high-level radioactive waste facility at the Diablo Canyon Nuclear power plant.

"Those who live in the emergency evacuation zones of nuclear power plants, along with local and state representatives, are not asking to read the security plans at nuclear facilities," said Mothers for Peace spokesperson Liz Apfelberg. "However, what is absolutely necessary is that public concerns, including input from the first responders and state agencies tasked with protecting the public, be addressed before the NRC creates new security policy. THOSE MOST AT RISK DESERVE TO HAVE A VOICE IN THE DECISION TO EXPAND NUCLEAR WASTE STORAGE on our coast."
NOW with David Brancaccio, replacing retiring host Bill Moyers, will air locally at 8 p.m. on January 14, 2005, on KCET.