2003-04-21 PG&E Shareholders Meeting Trip, SFO

Plan to attend the annual shareholder meeting in San Francisco.

On Wednesday, April 21, 2004, PG&E will be holding its annual shareholder meeting in San Francisco. A shareholder proposal will be presented for the third year in a row asking PG&E shareholders to:

* recommend that Board of Directors adopt and implement a new policy and plan to reduce PG&E vulnerability to a catastrophic nuclear accident or terrorist attack at Diablo Canyon; and

* that pursuant to such plan, production of high level radioactive wastes shall not exceed the current capacity of existing spent-fuel pools, thereby averting untenable risks of possible off-site shipments or excessive on-site storage.

The Mothers for Peace will be attending the shareholder meeting and holding a press conference at 9:00 AM across the street from PG&E’s meeting. We would like to have those who have worked with us on this issue join us for the press conference. We would like to have residents of San Luis Obispo and Sierra Club members hand information to PG&E shareholders regarding our concerns after the press conference and before the meeting.

Those who can attend should also take the opportunity to meet with CPUC Commissioners and/or their staff concerning the replacement of steam generators at Diablo Canyon. If steam generators are not replaced Diablo will have to shutdown by 2013. The Commission must meet with us face-to-face as we are being asked to live with the continued safety, health, environmental impacts of Diablo’s continued operation.

To organize the meetings and the press conference and maximize the time and effort for those who can attend, I ask that if you believe you will able to attend please let me know asap. A short bio of those who can attend would be helpful as well. Thanks for considering this important opportunity to hold a press conference in PG&E’s backyard, meet PG&E shareholders and share your concerns with CPUC decision-makers. Carpooling for those in SLO will be arranged after the Board of Supervisors meeting on appeals of the Planning Commission’s decision to give PG&E a permit to expand storage of nuclear waste on our coast. I am hoping someone can take on organization of transportation to and from San Francisco. As we must have press conference at 9am, we will need to spend Tuesday evening in the City. In Peace Rochelle