Newsletter: Fall 2003

Mothers for Peace takes a leading role in developing defenses at nuclear power plants.

San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace ...working to make Diablo Canyon safer...


FEDERAL COURT APPEAL The Mothers for Peace has an unprecedented opportunity to impact safety at all the nuclear power plants in the nation. Much has been done since the tragic events of September 11, 2001, to enhance our national security. A glaring exception, however, is the nation's 103 nuclear power plants and the 43,000 tons of highly irradiated spent fuel. These plants and storage facilities are obvious targets for terrorist attacks. Yet, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) allows these plants to continue operating with only modest upgrading of site security.

The Mothers for Peace is taking a leading role in the creation of a nationwide alliance for developing defenses at nuclear power plants. It is doing so by filing an appeal in Federal Court. It will be challenging a recent decision by the NRC denying claims by the Mothers for Peace that a plant’s vulnerability to potential acts of terrorism, malice, or insanity must be considered in an Environmental Impact Statement.

In the litigation involving Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, the Mothers for Peace is requesting careful examination of security issues before licensing a new spent fuel storage facility. This case, however, has the potential for setting important precedents for all U.S. nuclear facilities.

The funds required for this Federal Court appeal is also historic: $100,000. Clearly, your help is needed to mount this legal challenge. We are seeking financial contributions from individuals, citizen groups, foundations, and businesses. Please tell your friends. The San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization, so donations are tax-deductible. Donations - one time or recurring pledges - can be made on our website.

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