2004 December Newsletter

Mothers for Peace ACTION COMMITTEE spearheads legislation to place a limit on the amount of nuclear waste that can be stored onsite.

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Dear Friends,

We thank you for your generous support which has allowed for the successes and projects outlined in this newsletter.  Now, more than ever, we must maintain our vigilance regarding safety and security at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant.  The Mothers for Peace Action Committee is responding by spearheading legislation to place a limit on the amount of nuclear waste that can be stored onsite.  You may recall our three-phase plan that we put forward in 2002:

Phase 1: public education and coalition-building; CONTINUING.  We are working with Public Citizen, Sierra Club, ECOSLO, Environment California, Greenpeace, Nuclear Information Resource Service, and Union of Concerned Scientists.

Phase 2: legal campaign to intervene in PG&E’s application to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to oppose continued production of nuclear waste and to assure the safest storage of currently produced waste onsite; PENDING.  (See cases regarding 9th District Court of Appeals, California Public Utilities Commission, and California Coastal Commission)

Phase 3: legislative campaign to introduce and pass legislation in the Sate of California to limit production of high level radioactive waste;


Four other states have successfully accomplished a limit; we can do it in California, too!  This legislation is well-timed, for our current legal cases support this resolution. We are asking our local cities and  counties to support us in our efforts to:

  • phase out the operation of Diablo Canyon and possibly replace it with a clean, renewable source of energy;
  • deny the replacement of the steam generators which would limit operation to the year 2014;
  • place a limit on the amount of radioactive waste that can be stored onsite, again limiting  its years of operation;
  • deny proposals to extend the operating license at the Diablo Canyon plant.

We can create legislation that will STOP the generation of radioactive waste by limiting the amount of waste storage capability.

We can do this!

The Mothers for Peace Action Committee was established for this purpose. Donations to Mothers for Peace Action Committee, a 501(c)(4) organization, are not tax deductible because funds are used to promote legislation. Donations to the San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace, a 501(c)(3) organization, are tax deductible; funds are used for litigation.

The Mothers for Peace Action Committee asks for your assistance in gathering financial support for this campaign. Please share this information with others who share our interests.

In addition to our push to create legislation, three legal cases are currently pending:

California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)

A win in this case could close the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant by 2014 and possibly replace it with an environmentally friendly energy source. This case before the CPUC is in response to PG&E’s request to replace the degraded steam generators at Diablo Canyon – and pass the enormous costs onto the ratepayers! The installation of new steam generators could potentially extend the operation of the plant another generation. Joining us in this appeal is Public Citizen, Sierra Club, Greenpeace, and Environment California. These organizations find numerous deficiencies in PG&E’s cost-benefit analysis. PG&E has not considered the true costs of extending the operating life of the plant. Some of these costs include replacement of other aging components, storage of high level radioactive waste, and the likely increases in security measures, and seismic retrofits. Hearings began on September 20th , 2004, and others are pending. Approximately $35,000 must be raised for this case to help pay for the work and travel costs of our attorney and expert witnesses.

California Coastal Commission

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved PG&E’s plan to expand the storage capacity of high level radioactive waste at Diablo Canyon by constructing an installation utilizing a dry cask system. The only oversight given to San Luis Obispo County was the authorization to pour the cement pads. The Board of Supervisors has given this approval, and the Mothers for Peace has filed an appeal with the Coastal Commission. The issue of limitation on the amount of nuclear waste is being raised in this case, so it is vital. This hearing is to be held in early December of 2004.  Approximately $2,500 is needed for travel expenses for this project.

9th Circuit Court of Appeals

The Mothers for Peace and the Sierra Club filed an appeal with the 9th Circuit challenging the NRC’s decision approving construction of the proposed high level radioactive waste facility (mentioned above) at Diablo Canyon. The NRC refused to hold hearings on seismic and security concerns, and the Mothers for Peace and Sierra Club intend to force them to do so. We do not yet have a hearing date for that case. Due to the generosity of our supporters, all of the needed $100,000 for this crucial litigation has already been raised!

District of Columbia Court of Appeals

We won!

Public Citizen and the Mothers for Peace filed jointly in this case which challenged the NRC’s decision to license a new high level radioactive waste facility at Diablo Canyon without holding a hearing on security upgrades.  The NRC must now reopen discussion, and this supports our case in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.


Thank you for your generous donations

and continued support

of our work.

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