2006 December Newsletter

Mothers for Peace won a crucial case in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals!


December 2006


Supreme Court

As you’re undoubtedly aware, the San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace won a crucial and precedent-setting case in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in June of 2006.  In response to our appeal regarding the proposed high-level radioactive waste facility at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, the Court ruled that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission must consider the environmental impacts of intentional attacks on nuclear facilities before allowing them to operate.  Many environmental organizations throughout the country are already citing this case in support of their own legal efforts.

The owner of the plant, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), however, has recently filed an appeal to the Supreme Court.  Our attorney, Diane Curran, will be filing the opposition brief on December 15th in an effort to defend our important win in the Ninth Circuit Court.  Check our website for details after the 15th!

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

MFP also continues to press the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to upgrade its security requirements at all nuclear facilities to reflect the lessons learned after 9/11. Current standards do not require nuclear plants to be ready to deal with attacks by air or from ships, so we are filing comments on this as well.


Those two issues alone will necessitate raising an estimated $20,000-$25,000, and if the Supreme Court decides to hear PG&E's appeal of the Ninth Circuit decision, additional money will be required to defend that ruling.

We have received two small grants this year, but our primary source of funding continues to be from YOU!  As always, we truly appreciate your financial support and your confidence in our work.

All donations to Mothers for Peace are tax-deductible.  Contributions may be mailed to our P.O. Box or paid on-line at our website.


Contribute while shopping

at the grocery store!

There is an easy way for you to contribute!  You can designate San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace as the recipient of a percentage of every dollar you spend at the grocery store!  All you have to do is sign up at the following stores:

  • Albertson’s
  • Scolari’s
  • Ralph’s

If you have questions, please contact Nancy Norwood at norwood@kcbx.net or call 805-773-3881.

Thank you!

We thank our many sponsors and businesses that helped make our ECO Home Tour fundraiser a success. Special thanks go to Ken Haggard, Polly Cooper, Rachel Aljilani, Turko Semmes, Mikel and Brian Robertson of Green Goods, and John Ewan at Pacific Energy.

Please continue to check our website for news, action alerts, and upcoming events:


Wishing you joy,


and no nukes

in the coming year.