List of Interested Parties and their Acronyms

Mothers for Peace interacts with many agencies and organizations on local, state, and national levels.

ASLB - Atomic Safety and Licensing Board conducts hearings for the NRC. Membership, as well as decisions, are heavily biased towards industry.

AVAC -  Avila Valley Advisory Council was an intervenor in the ISFSI licensing lawsuit.

CEC -  California Energy Commission is the state's energy policy and planning agency.

CPUC -  California Public Utilities Commission regulates producers of energy.

DCISC - Diablo Canyon Independent Safety Committee reviews safety of Diablo Canyon. Membership is biased towards industry, and it has no enforcement powers.

DCPP - Diablo Canyon Power Plant is a nuclear power plant operated by PG&E and located on the central coast of California 12 miles southwest of San Luis Obispo and 90 miles north of Santa Barbara. The two reactors began operations in 1984 and 1985, respectively. All the radioactive waste produced at the plant is stored on site. There are more than a dozen earthquake faults in the area, including the Hosgri, which is categorized as "major" and "active" by the USGS.

NIRS - Nuclear Information and Resource Services is a national organization that provides information about the problems of nuclear energy on a national and global level.

NRC - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulates civilian use of nuclear materials. It is funded by the organizations it regulates.

PG&E - Pacific Gas and Electric Company owns and operates Diablo Canyon Power Plant.

PC - Public Citizen is a national organization that has at times worked closely with SLOMFP to challenge NRC rules and regulations.

SLOMFP -  San Luis Obispo Mothers For Peace is a grassroots nuclear watchdog organization that has been an intervenor challenging the operations and regulation of Diablo Canyon nuclear plant since 1973. An all-volunteer non-profit organization, SLOMFP hires attorneys and expert witnesses to challenge PG&E and the NRC. Legal cases first use the legal channels available within the NRC, and sometimes go beyond the regulator into the Ninth Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals.

UCS - Union of Concerned Scientists is an environmental watchdog agency and an intervenor in various lawsuits against the NRC.