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Since 1973, the San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace has played a unique role in the struggle to assure that the radioactive waste at Diablo Canyon nuclear plant will be safeguarded as well as possible during the millennia it will remain radioactive. This group of local citizens has obtained the services of the best attorneys and expert witnesses in the nation, and it uses the available legal processes to hold the federal regulator responsible for protecting public health and safety in accordance with the laws and mandates of Congress. MFP believes that we owe it to future generations and to the environment to continue this role of nuclear guardianship.

Here are several ways you can assist the Mothers for Peace and serve as Ambassadors to educate others in the community.

1. Donate money to help with the costs of legal intervention.

2. Volunteer to help with fund-raising and event-planning. Such volunteers would not be expected to attend general meetings or to become experts on technical or legal issues.

3. Invite a spokesperson from Mothers for Peace to come and speak at your book club, service organization, or any group that would be interested. Contact: Jane Swanson, 595-2605 or

4. Share your concerns about nuclear power with your friends and let them know why you are a supporter of Mothers for Peace. Hand them a brochure or direct them to the website:

5. Consider planned giving. Mothers for Peace is a partner of Leave a Legacy on the Central Coast, and there is much helpful information about how to make provisions in estate planning at the website:

Individuals can make a difference. Become a part of our efforts to preserve and protect the Earth. Contact the Mothers for Peace regarding further information, future meetings, or to be added to the mailing, e-mail, and/or telephone lists.

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