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Earth DaySan Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace is a non-profit organization concerned with the local dangers involving the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, and with the dangers of nuclear power, weapons and waste on national and global levels. Additionally, Mothers for Peace concerns itself with issues of peace, social justice and a safe environment.



radioactive ocean

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is analyzing samples of seawater, looking for radioactive contaminants from Fukushima.

Mothers for Peace is sponsoring sample collections at Pismo Beach.  Results from the first sample date (February 9, 2014) show Cs134 below detection. You can find all current results at

Mothers for Peace

Thirty-three environmental organizations filed jointly in opposition to the proposed rule. The filing also includes a petition to revise and integrate all environmental regulations related to spent fuel storage. Comments on NRC's Draft Wastestop nuclear wasteConfidence Rule were filed on December 20, 2013.

"The proposed rule marks a turning point for the NRC. After thirty years of making baselessly optimistic 'reasonable assurance' findings about the future availability of a disposal solution for spent reactor fuel, and having allowed many thousands of tons to accumulate at reactor sites around the country based on those findings, the NRC has finally stopped issuing them.  Instead of confidently assuring the public that human health and the environment will be protected from highly radioactive spent fuel as long as it remains dangerous, the NRC now claims only to have hope in a theoretical possibility."  READ THE COMPLETE DOCUMENT

YouTubeWatch"The Nuclear Fuel Chain - A Primer"



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