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Radioactive Waste

Holtec cask

High level radioactive waste is stored at Diablo Canyon in pools and in dry casks.  Mothers for Peace is currently in litigation regarding the dry cask storage facility and the potential impact of terrorism on the surrounding environment. (Also see 'security and terrorism.')

Latest Step Follows Announced August 31st Departure of “Fatally Compromised” Magwood on Heels of June and July Letters Urging Him to Step Down for Violations of Ethics Laws in Seeking and Landing a Job Promoting Nuclear Energy.
2014 - 06 - 26 MFP demands the NRC consider new information on the environmental impacts of high-density pool storage.
San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace (SLOMFP) is among 34 organizations filing an amended rulemaking petition on June 26, 2014.
Since 1973, San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace has had legal standing as an intervenor to take action when we see the NRC as failing to enforce federal law to protect public safety in matters related to the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant.
2014 - 05 - 22 Statement made at NRC Annual Assessment Meeting in SLO
Spokesperson Jane Swanson commented on the deceptive label of "green" NRC findings and the extreme dangers posed by high burn up radioactive wastes.
The list below includes suggestions for topics you might want to speak to. If you are unable to be physically present at the meeting, you can submit comments electronically at We suggest your subject line be DIABLO CANYON ANNUAL ASSESSMENT COMMENT
2014-05-15 Comments on Direct Rule re List of Approved Storage Casks
Request for Rescission of the Direct Rule, and Request for Publication of a New and Revised Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, Docket No. 13-0271
2014 - 05 - 04 Suggested Sources in Support of SLOMFP Positions
• Nuclear is not an answer to climate change • The effects of Diablo on human health is a topic long overdue for serious study • Sustainable sources of energy are available now
2014 - 05 - 04 Suggested Sources in Support of SLOMFP Positions
• Nuclear is not an answer to climate change • The effects of Diablo on human health is a topic long overdue for serious study • Sustainable sources of energy are available now
2014 - 05 - 01 HIGH-LEVEL RADIOACTIVE WASTE at Diablo Canyon
The terms “spent, used or depleted fuel” are euphemisms, referring to the fuel’s usefulness for generating electricity, NOT to its radioactive content. High-level radioactive waste (“spent or used fuel”) is the fuel from the hot core of commercial nuclear power plants.
2014-03-03 World Business Academy released a report on negative health trends in the area surrounding the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant
While many factors can affect disease and death rates, the official public health data presented in this report suggest a probable link between the routine, federally-permitted emissions of radioactivity from the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant and elevated health risks among those infants, children and adults living closest to the reactors.
2014-03-02 Mothers for Peace files petition to halt licensing proceedings at Diablo Canyon
San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace Attorney Diane Curran Files Petition to Halt Licensing Proceedings at Diablo Canyon Until New and Significant Environmental Consequences of a Small Spent Fuel Pool Fire Have Been Considered
2014-02-18 Mothers for Peace demands NRC suspend all licensing decisions until pool fire risks are assessed
WASHINGTON, D.C. - February 18, 2014 ( newswire) New information from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) showing that even a small nuclear reactor pool fire could render 9,400 square miles uninhabitable and displace 4.1 million Americans on a long-term basis are among the factors causing 34 environment organizations to file a petition with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to hold off on additional reactor licensing.
Union of Concerned Scientists endorses Mothers for Peace
David Lochbaum has been supportive of SLOMFP for many years, and continues to consult with MFP attorney Diane Curran in 2014.
2013 Mothers for Peace Response to Seismic Testing
MFP revised position on high energy acoustic blasting recommended by the California State Legislature
December 20, 2013: Mothers for Peace files comments on NRC's Draft Waste Confidence Rule
Thirty-three environmental organizations filed jointly in oppostion to the proposed rule.
December 2013: Citizens Contest NRC Judgment of Diablo Safety Record
PG&E and the NRC judge Diablo Canyon's operation record as 'safe.' Members of the community disagree.
December 18, 2013 NRC Meeting on 'current operating performance'
THE NEXT NRC MEETING IN SAN LUIS OBISPO will be on: December 18 6:30pm Embassy Suites Hotel at 333 Madonna Road The subject of this meeting is the current operating performance of the Diablo nuclear plant.
2013-12-08 Send in your comments on Waste Confidence before Dec. 20
Comments on the NRC’s disgraceful draft Waste Confidence Rule and Generic Environmental Impact Statement must be sent before the deadline of December 20, 2013. Here is some suggested wording, which we encourage supporters to copy and edit as they wish. Note that comments may be sent by email or as a mailed letter.
2013 Synopsis of NRC November 20 Waste Confidence Meeting, SLO
November 20, 2013 NRC meeting in SLO
If you want do one thing to oppose nuclear power this year, this is it! Attend this meeting and speak out!

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